Colorado Springs Birth Photographer


How much are your memories worth to you?

Choosing to hire a birth photographer will ensure that you have the memories from one of your most important days for a lifetime. It will also free your partner so he/she can focus on you and be part of the photos instead of worrying about taking them. This is a very important task for any member of the birth team, so why not let a professional handle it?

Birth photography isn't just about the moment of birth, it is about the emotion throughout the day and capturing the small details that may otherwise be forgotten. Birth photography is different than any other photography in many ways. It isn't posed or planned. Everything captured is 100% genuine, documentary styled photography.

Investment Options

$650- Full coverage of the birth story. All images sold separately ($10 per digital)

$1500- Full coverage of the birth story. 75 digital images, 2 minute birth video teaser trailer, 45% off doula services ($350 savings)

$1800- 100 digital images, 4 minute full birth video, 55% off doula services ($375 savings)

$2500- 150 digital images. 8 minute full birth video. 10x10 Economy album or 5x7 Memory Box, 70% off doula services ($650 savings)

All Digital Images are chosen by you



What You Will Get With Your Investment

1 initial pre-natal consultation

On-call 24/7 starting at 37 weeks gestation

Full coverage of labor and birth

1-3 hours of postpartum coverage to capture baby's firsts

1 sneak peek image within 12 hours after birth


I have never heard anyone say, "I regret having a birth photographer at my birth. I hate that I have photos to look back at. It just doesn't happen. I have, however, heard many people say, "I wish I had those memories to look back on." or "I really feel like being able to look back at those memories would have brought me some closure after my traumatic birth." These memories are going to probably be the most important ones you have and I will do everything I can to try to make sure you can have them.



Birth Photography FAQ

Why should I hire a birth photographer? Couldn't my partner or nurses take pictures?

  • Parents usually take pictures after the birth, but without experience the photos come out a little less than flattering. Sometimes the pictures are over or under-exposed and blurry. Also, your partner may be too busy supporting you and forget to take pictures. Your partner should be in the pictures anyways though! When you hire a professional birth photographer, your partner doesn't have to remember to take pictures. You will get 100 or more quality pictures to last a lifetime and you don't have to worry about any important memories being forgotten.

How long do I have to wait to get my final images back?

  • I like to offer 2-5 sneak peeks by 12 hours after the birth, but I say a two week turnaround time for the rest. I try to get images back as quickly as possible because I know how important they are! A La Carte items may take a little longer to get back.

What kind of photos do you take/are you comfortable taking?

  • I take any and all images you are comfortable with! I try taking as many pictures as I can to capture the whole story. If you are comfortable with it, I am comfortable with it.

What happens if I have to be transferred from home to hospital?

  • If you have to transfer, I will meet you there. Usually I will have to wait to be allowed back to the room with you, but once I am allowed back, I will be there! If a cesarean happens, I have to wait for approval from the anesthesiologist to be allowed back. If I am not allowed back until after the baby is born, I will capture postpartum images.

How long do you stay for?

  • Most moms call me when they feel like they are in active labor and I stay until a few hours after baby is born.

I see all these pictures of women in beautiful settings, with flowers floating in their baths like a goddess... but what if I have a difficult or traumatic birth/or a birth that's not very pretty?

  • Everyone has a different birth story! Not every birth is easy and peaceful. I do my best to capture your birth story the way it happens. Most women find closure in their birth photos. Some moms want to wait to view their photos, so I will still edit them and have them ready for you by two weeks, but will not give them to you until you are ready for them.

What if I close all the blinds or it's at night and there is little to no light?

  • Most women like having dark birth spaces and that is completely fine! I do ask for some light, like a small lamp, but I can either use my flash, or if you are not okay with the flash, my equipment can handle low light situations.