Bengkung Belly Binding

Bengkung Belly Binding has been used for years to help the postpartum healing process. It helps in the healing of the abdominal walls, it provides support to the round ligaments and the organs while they return to their pre-pregnancy size and position, and it can even help with posture and the healing of the pelvic floor muscles. Because when using a bengkung belly bind, you are using such a long wrap, it is not like any other support belt. Every inch of your torso is a different size, and the bengkung belly bind is perfect for conforming to that. The bengkung belly bind is a 16-18 yard long piece of muslin or cotton that is wrapped in a way that will provide you with the exact support you need for each inch of your torso from right below your hips to just below your breasts. Traditionally, hot spices were also rubbed on the belly during wrapping to keep the mother warm during her postpartum period. Traditionally, mothers wore the bind between 8 and 12 hours a day every day for the full 12 week postpartum period. It is advised to take the wrap off whenever it starts to become uncomfortable. 

If you have had a vaginal birth without complication, you can start binding within 24 hours after the birth. If you have had a cesarean section birth, it is advised that you wait at least 3 days after the birth and to be cleared by your care provider before binding. If there is a hernia, you must get approval by your care provider and you may have to have it treated before binding as well. 

I offer classes that take between 45 minutes and an hour where I teach mom and the partner how to wrap properly. I will not leave until I am sure that you can do it yourself safely. Classes are done in the comfort of your own home. Classes are $45 if you already have a wrap and $100 if I provide the wrap.