Birth Videography

The Birth of baby Julia, June 23, 2017

Why Add Video?

The images you will receive will do an amazing job at displaying the emotion throughout the day, but the video will help you relive it. You will get to watch how the whole day unfolded. You will hear the noises that you heard that day, hear the first words you said to your baby, see the movements... Birth Videography is the perfect add on to any birth package


What's Included

6-10 minute video compilation of the birth story

2-5 Minute video for sharing on Facebook or other social media (if needed)

Keepsake USB with Video

Link to share the video



Trailer/Teaser Video

1-3 Minute video teaser of the birth story

Link to download and share video



Birth Videography is available as an add-on to any birth doula or birth photography package. It is not available as it's own service at this time.